IEC Ltd have just been appointed  a certified Green Deal Installer for Annex U Heat Pumps in East Anglia.
Please get in contact with us to discuss what products and measures IEC can offer through the Green Deal.

Download a case study for a rural property installing an air source heat pump as an alternative for an oil fired boiler more info...

NEW Products Available Now
RECOUP WWHRS “Waste Water Heat Recovery System” Click link for further information on these products

Please go to the latest news section for all the information on DECC’s RHI “Renewable Heat Incentive” proposals for 2013 Green Deal News to follow

Please go to the Heat Pump section under the Renewable Energy Products tab and use our calculator tool for an estimated budget price of a heat pump installed into your property.
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Energy Cost Saving Within The Household

The current economic climate has created the need for all of us to consider how we can reduce basic household costs. A large proportion of a household budget is spent on Energy costs comprising of payments for Gas, Electricity and Heating Oil. These costs are often irregularly monitored and some current energy saving web-sites tend to mislead with false hopes of savings without detailing in simple terms how these savings can be achieved.

IEC has been set-up with its main office in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk to simplify and advise householders in the surrounding counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex on how they can achieve reduced energy costs by a number of simple and cost effective solutions. These solutions vary in cost from simply changing electricity supplier and tariffs where there is no charge, to changing timings of use of appliances, regulating voltage coming into the house and by the provision of renewable energy generators such as Solar PV panels, and heat pumps using Air or Ground heat sources.

There are other simple solutions which can reduce energy costs such as improved insulation and IEC considers all options rather being a company promoting a single product.

Products and services IEC can offer:

  • Electricity Tariff Change
  • Heat Pump installation
  • SMART Metering
  • V-Phase Voltage Optimisation
  • Solar PV Installation
  • Lighting Surveys and Installation
  • Water Saving Devices
  • Insulation Survey and installation
  • Appliance energy management